It’s time that individuals without dental insurance had a better dental option.


Become a Bento Member and get access to savings at dentists nationwide. General Dental Access is free to join, only pay for the procedures that you receive. 

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Forget monthly premiums, only pay-when-you-go to the dentist.

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At the time of payment, Bento includes a small service fee on the total amount charged based on the procedures received

Real stories, real people, real savings!

I needed to get a permanent crown and a temporary crown in 2019. With my Bento membership, I saved over $3250! 


Easton, MA

When I needed a filling and plaque removal I used my Bento membership and saved $149.


Modesto, CA

As a retiree, I have always been afraid of the high out-of-pocket costs of going to the dentist. I saved $120 on my first visit when I went for a standard oral evaluation and set of x-rays.


Miami, FL

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