Access Plan

Provide your members an affordable dental care option with savings up to 50% on every procedure

 What is a Group Access Plan?

Group Access Plans simply provide members with access to pre-negotiated rates and savings at every dentist in the Bento Network. Members save up to 50% on every dental procedure at Bento Dentists.

An alternative to traditional dental coverage

The perfect choice for:

  • Associations

  • Small Businesses

  • Hourly, Temp, Part-Time, or 1099 Employees


How much does it cost?

Bento charges a small per member, per month administration fee. Groups may pay the fee or pass the cost down to members. 

Big Saving on All Procedures

Members save up to 50% on all dental procedures when visiting Bento Dentists.

Nationwide Network

Members have access to over 336,000 dental access points nationwide including thousands of specialists.

Zero Monthly Premiums

Neither organizations nor members need to pay any premiums on a monthly basis. Members simply get access to Bento’s rates and network.

Modern App + Direct Digital Payments

Bento’s award-winning mobile app gives members transparency into their dental care. Members can pay for services through the app directly to Bento Dentists.

No Limits on Annual Procedures

There are no annual maximums or limits on quantity of services. Members get the care they need at great rates.

No Waiting Periods

Enrollment is easy. Once coverage starts members receive access to the network and pre-negotiated rates instantly.

Nationwide Network

Dental Access Points


Dental Access Points

The fastest growing nationwide network of dentists and specialists

Offer your members a revolutionary dental solution today