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Bento is a modern alternative to traditional dental insurance for companies of any size and any budget.

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Nationwide Network

Dental Access Points


Dental Access Points

The fastest growing nationwide network of dentists and specialists


Members save 37.8% on avg. when visiting Bento Dentists!

Plan options for companies of every size and every budget

Simple Plans

Simple plans are a defined benefit similar to a dental HRA. Set a defined annual maximum, provide just a few services such as 2 cleanings per year, or even build a tiered structure.

Setup, enroll, and start offering your employees a simpler dental benefit!

Standard Plans

 Self-insure your dental benefits without the hassle of dealing with a traditional insurance company.

Convert any existing traditional or 100/80/50 dental plan or create a new plan with Bento. Employers save 20% – 40% when switching to Bento!

Group Access

Perfect for associations, part-tIme, hourly, and 1099 employees.

Members save up to 50% on every procedure with pre-negotiated rates at Bento Dentists nationwide. There are no plan limitations, simply get access to great rates on every dental procedure.

Simply choose a plan that works for you. Bento only charges a small membership fee per member per month.

Modern benefits, simplified.


Simple Plans

Standard Plans

Group Access

Set an annual max or a defined benefit

Group Access Plans provide basic access to pre-negotiated rates at every Bento Dentist nationwide

Determine plan coverage % by service category
Add a deductible (BRS and MRS only)


Add ortho plan coverage
Payouts for out-of-network services



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