Oral health impacts general health and well-being.

Protect your employees’ smiles with Bento.

Dental benefits for small businesses, made simple

Bento empowers you to offer a valuable and affordable oral health benefit to attract and retain the best talent

Offer a great benefit with smart savings

With Bento, you only pay for the dental services your employees use. Unutilized benefit dollars remain with you.

Effective and affordable plans, designed for you

Choose from one of two flexible options below, it takes minutes to set up, and can be launched in days.


The Simple Plan covers the following services, up to the annual max.

• 2 Cleanings

• 2 Oral exams

• 1 Annual x-ray

Suggested budget: $15 per enrollee/month

*This can be covered by employers or via pre-tax deduction from the payroll of the employees.

Suggested annual max per employee: $300



The Cash Plan enables your employees to utilize their benefit dollars in any way they choose. The annual max goes toward any dental service of their choice including:

• Preventive care

• Orthodontics

• Cosmetic services

Suggested budget: $40 per enrollee/month

*This can be covered by employers or via pre-tax deduction from the payroll of the employees.

Suggested annual max per employee: $1,000

Beyond covered services, employees are eligible to access pre-negotiated rates

at 360,000+ in-network dentists nationwide

* State rules apply

In-network savings for dental services

Rates with Bento in Boston, MA 02110

* Nationwide savings vary based on zip code

Dental Service

Rates with Bento

Rates without Bento










Root canal









Why small business owners love Bento

Samir Desai, CEO, Aditi Inc.

“As a small business owner, it made a lot of sense to offer the Bento Cash Plan for my employees. On a personal note, my tab for a recent dentist visit was $15,000, and I ended up only having to pay $6000. Bento saved me an astounding $9000! Thank you, Bento.”

Mark Carroll, CEO, Trinity Hospice

“We have been with Bento since 2018. Since launching the original plan, we’ve expanded our dental benefits to a second business. In each case, we were pleased to offer a great plan. We aren’t paying costly premiums and employees are happy to have a dental benefit!”

Dawn Roberts, Controller, NECUS

“Bento has been great for our company. The ease of use of the app helps my employees to easily check their benefits and have up-to-date information as to where they stand throughout the year. No dental cards to carry is a plus. As an administrator, Bento is very easy to deal with and very flexible when it came to designing our plan and has little to no real administrative work once the plan is set up and running. Employees tell me dentists love the plan as they get paid quickly once the claim is submitted.”

A superior benefit experience

A superior benefit experience

Price Transparency

The Bento platform’s Price Check feature delivers price transparency so members know the exact cost of a procedure, empowering them to make informed choices and evaluate options for care.

No Surprise Bills, Ever

Bento’s AI-assisted platform and cloud-based instant adjudication let you know the cost of the service and what the plan covers right away. The patented Integrity Check feature protects members from billing errors.

Easy-to-use Modern App

Members can manage their entire dental benefit with the Bento Dental app, with direct payment method options for out-of-pocket services with an HSA/FSA/Credit card. You can easily enroll, locate Bento Dentists, review receipts, manage dependants, and much more.

Concierge Support

From enrollment to appointment, Bento is here for you. Dedicated Customer Success Managers and 24/7 access to how-to’s, tools, and tips are available for every employer and member.

Your employee’s dental plan dollars stretch further with exclusive

access to pre-negotiated rates when they visit a Bento dentist.

Nationwide Network

Dental Access Points


Dental Access Points

Employees save 37.8% on avg. when visiting Bento Dentists!

Find Bento Dentists Near Your Company

Narrow your results by searching by practice name, dentist name, or address


Note: Location settings must be turned on to find dentists using the locator



What is the process to offer a plan with Bento?

It takes only a few simple steps to start offering a valuable plan with Bento.

  1. Select a plan
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Verify your account when you receive confirmation from Bento
  4. Add your members
  5. Launch your plan
Will Bento work with my broker?

Absolutely. We are happy to work with any third parties involved to best serve you in selecting a benefit plan.

I currently offer a dental plan. Can I save money with Bento?

When you self-insure with Bento, you can enjoy savings of up to 40%. Click here to learn more.

Is employee data protected?

Yes. Bento is HIPPA compliant and all employee data is protected.

What's the benefit of joining Bento?

Bento will administer your plan and handle all member support, enrollment, claims processing, and audits. Unlike traditional insurance, any unused benefit dollars will remain in your bank account. You will only pay for what your employees are using.

How do my employees enroll?

You have the option of enrolling members yourself via our employer portal. Otherwise, fill out our Bento enrollment CSV and Bento can upload the members for you. If you don’t have a secure email vendor, just email smile@bento.net and we’ll send a secure email you can upload the CSV to. https://info.bento.net/hubfs/Small%20Business/Bento%20CSV%20Enrollment%20File.csv

Your private health data and information is safe and secure

Bento will work with you to integrate Bento seamlessly with your existing HR systems; including payroll, carriers, and other health and benefits programs. All member information is end-to-end encrypted in Bento’s HIPAA and SOC II compliant cloud. With real-time integrity check, your employees are always protected against over-billing and surprise claims.

Offer your employees dental benefits with great value on a budget