Why should you partner with Bento?


Solutions for clients of any size, any budget

From Classic 100/80/50 plans to the flexible defined benefits to basic access to the network and rates – Bento empowers plan designs that meet the needs of any group.


Flexible defined benefits

Similar to a dental HRA, Simple Plans are easy, flexible plan designs based on a dollar amount or selected services. Great for small business or groups looking to simplify their dental benefit and employee experience.


Traditional style, modern experience

Self-insuring dental benefits has never been better. Bento enables your groups to mirror or upgrade any 100/80/50 style plan. Perfect for groups of any size looking to self-fund their dental.


Basic access to network & rates

Expand your product offering with entry level benefits perfect for associations, enrollment firms, or employers looking to provide a dental option for part-time, hourly, or 1099 employees.

Make your clients smile with better dental benefit options powered by Bento!

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