Becker’s Dental: ADA endorses dental benefits technology company Bento


Author – Katie Adams

June 16, 2020

The American Dental Association endorsed Bento June 15, encouraging dentists to adopt its cloud-based dental benefits technology.

Bento’s platform allows dentists and patients to collaboratively decide what procedures are necessary. It also supports group discount plans and gives dentists flexibility to offer their own in-office plans.

“Bento appears to respect my clinical judgment and, most importantly, my relationship with my patient,” Jessica Stilley, DMD, told ADA News. “Bento simply administers the benefit without making clinical determinations about what is needed.”

Most dentists familiar with the platform agree that enrolling in Bento is a simple process. Installation is free, and the system deducts a flat fee from the monthly bill of each patient who purchases an in-office plan.


Katie Adams is a writer at Becker’s Healthcare

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