Offer your employees better dental benefits all while saving big

Offer your employees better dental benefits all while saving big

When you power your dental benefits with Bento, you can upgrade your current dental benefit without additional cost.

Offer your first dental benefit or replace any traditional insurance plan with a self-funded plan powered by Bento.

Why self-insure your benefits?

The savings of self-funded group dental plans with Bento by percentage

When you self-insure:


  • There’s no added risk, you set the limits and know the exact utilization
  • You keep ALL unused benefit dollars
  • Plans can be customized and upgraded based on your group’s needs
The savings of self-funded group dental plans with Bento by percentage

Plan options for companies of every size and every budget

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Simple Plans

Simple plans are a defined benefit similar to a dental HRA. Set a defined annual maximum, provide just a few services such as 2 cleanings per year, or even build a tiered structure.

Setup, enroll, and start offering your employees a simpler dental benefit!

Standard Plans

 Self-insure your dental benefits without the hassle of dealing with a traditional insurance company.

Convert any existing traditional or 100/80/50 dental plan or create a new plan with Bento. Employers save 20% – 40% when switching to Bento!

Group Access

Perfect for associations, part-tIme, hourly, and 1099 employees.

Members save up to 50% on every procedure with pre-negotiated rates at Bento Dentists nationwide. There are no plan limitations, simply get access to great rates on every dental procedure.

Simply choose a plan that works for you. Bento only charges a small membership fee per member per month.

Modern benefits, simplified.


Simple Plans

Standard Plans

Group Access

Set an annual max or a defined benefit

Group Access Plans provide basic access to pre-negotiated rates at every Bento Dentist nationwide

Determine plan coverage % by service category
Add a deductible (BRS and MRS only)


Add ortho plan coverage
Payouts for out-of-network services



Bento App experience
Nationwide network with over 360,000 Dental Access Points
Pre-negotiated rates at Bento Dentists
Bento Concierge

Nationwide Network

Dental Access Points


Dental Access Points

The fastest growing nationwide network of dentists and specialists


Members save 37.8% on avg. when visiting Bento Dentists!

Better, modern, and transparent experience


Your Bento Member ID

Whether you are visiting a Bento Dentist or going to a dentist out-of-network, your ID is everything your dentist needs to process payments from your plan.


Real-time Utilization

Track your utilization and balance on your plan's annual max (if applicable).


View + Share Plan Details

Know exactly what's covered by your plan. Your description of covered services is available at any time. View and share plan documents with dependents and dentists. 


Your Entire Family

Each dependent has their own Bento ID. View your family's information directly in the app. Dependents over 19 can download the Bento Dental app and have access to their information with ease.


Pay for out-of-pocket costs directly through the app

Add a credit card to pay for out-of-pocket costs directly through the app when visiting Bento Dentists.


Bento Concierge

Contact Bento Concierge who will help let your dentist know about your new benefit and answer any questions that you may have.


Find Dentists Near Your 

Find Bento Dentists and Specialists near you? Dentist not in network? Refer them to join the Bento Network directly in the app.

  • Easy-to-use modern app

    Members manage their entire dental benefit directly in the Bento Dental app. Enroll in available benefits, search and find Bento Dentists and Specialists, review receipts and manage dependents.

  • No Surprise Bills, Ever

    Surprise bills are a thing of the past. Bento PriceCheck™ and AI-powered integrity check keeps members protected from billing errors with complete price transparency.

  • Digital payments, reporting + receipts

    100% Paperless. Members receive digital receipts and EOBs and can even pay for out-of-pocket costs using the Bento App.

    Groups manage the benefit within the Group Portal and get access to real-time utilization reports.

  • On demand support
    From enrollment to appointment, we are here for you. Dedicated Customer Success Managers and 24/7 access to how-to's, tools, and tips are available for every employer and member.

Employers and employees are raving about Bento

I recommend Bento to my clients looking for a better option for their dental plans without sacrificing benefit, customer service, and savings.
Mike Farr

Consultant, Marsh and McLennan Agency

Bento is the first health insurance of any kind that I’ve been willing to review. The app, customer service, and overall experience are excellent. I hope we stay with Bento for years!
Melissa Pomeroy

CRO, Cooperative Credit Union Association

We took the money we saved using Bento and put it back towards an even better benefit for our employees.
Brian Stark

CEO, Stark Homes

Your private health data and information is safe and secure

Bento will work with you to integrate Bento seamlessly with your existing HR systems; including payroll, carriers, and other health and benefits programs.

All member information is end-to-end encrypted in Bento’s HIPAA compliant cloud. With real-time integrity check, your employees are always protected against over-billing and surprise claims.

Are you ready to offer a superior dental benefit without the cost?