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We’re not an insurance company and not a discount plan. Bento is complete dental benefits technology platform empowering employers, groups, associations to offer and provide dental plans.

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It’s the best we’ve seen thus far in addressing the needs of everyone from individuals to group members while optimizing the experience for patients and dentists.

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Dr. Chad P. Gehani

Former President, American Dental Association

Lots of seniors who have Medicare or Medicaid but noticed it doesn’t cover procedures that they need most. We have tons of patients who are really excited about the option after we sent out an email blast with the marketing materials. Our best advice to other practices is to not overthink it, be innovative and seek out resources to grow your practice during these unprecedented times. Don’t stay stagnant – go with a product that is trusted like Bento.

Financial Coordinator at Dr. Rosenwald DDS

We needed a discount plan for our retired and uninsured pts. Bento’s monthly payment option was very appealing as it allows patients to break the cost of their preventative treatment into monthly payments. Much less of a financial burden at the time of service. We built 4 plans and the setup was also very easy, and Bento even created the fliers to send out to the patients for me. I was impressed by that level of service.
Chrislena Middleton

RDA at Dr. John McCleeve DDS

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