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Increase Your Practice Revenue with Bento!

Increase Your Practice Revenue with Bento!

Bento is a modern alternative to traditional dental insurance connecting patients and providers directly.

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Dentists all around the country are loving Bento, see why!

Perks of Being a Bento Dentist

More Than A Network

Bento’s platform has revolutionized the way dental providers eliminate barriers to care and access patient benefits. From an advanced PPO network to customizable in-office plans Bento helps increase your practice revenue with less work and more transactions. 

Create + Offer Customized In-Office Plans

Unlike other dental membership plan software, the Bento platform decreases in-office administration work on each member while keeping track of utilization of in-office plans and even services used outside the plan. Start creating plans for your practice for FREE. 

Guaranteed Payments, Direct From the Source

Bento connects patients and dentists directly. Bento enables employers and patients to pay providers directly without any delay or chasing insurance companies!

Competitive Fee Schedules

Our fee schedules are aligned with your practice and provide a choice when it comes to your affordable oral care offerings. Interested in learning more? Click here to see a fee schedule for your area. 

No Claims Process

Claims processing and payment is instant with Bento! After an appointment, get paid from the plan with a single click and eliminate the cost of collections and chasing unpaid bills.

48 Hour Credentialing Process

No more waiting for traditional insurance companies to credential dentists in your practice. Bento’s technology-enabled system has a 48-hour credentialing process. So you and your practice can accept Bento patients and get paid quickly.

Real-Time Patient Eligibility Check

With instant pre-treatment authorizations forget about sitting on hold waiting for eligibility information. Bento providers can see real-time plan coverage, payment breakdown, and eligibility all in one place.

A complete solution for your practice!

In-Office Plans

Do you have patients without insurance?

Bento enables practices to easily administer and offer in-office plans

Dental Benefits

For Your Staff

Yup, Bento can do that too!

With employer plans practices of any size can offer group dental benefits employees want!

Bento is proud to be endorsed by the best

World Class Dental Starts With World Class Providers

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