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In-Office Patient Membership Plans

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Hear why dentists think Bento is a game changer

Unhappy with our previous solution to manage our in-office patient members we we went out to look at better solutions and found Bento.

We were pleased at how easy it was to re-build our plans with Bento and transition away from our previous provider. The sales training that Bento provides was also a huge help with our front office staff.

We sold over 20 plans in the first month to new patients without any dental benefits. We now have a staff goal of 30 a month which will really help increase our bottom line and grow as a practice.

Dr. Sander Valls

South Beach Dentistry | Miami, FL

The platform that Bento built can really help practices grow their business. We started as a network provider in 2019, and we just launched in-office plans at our second location. Our first location is selling membership plans almost daily now.

Converting our cash patients to recurring cash patients has helped us have more predictable cash flow. The ability to print out estimates from Bento while patients are in chair gives us more flexible in presenting the patient with options of their care.

Dr. Edy Guerra

Dentist & Owner | Miami, FL

We created an in-office plan primarily for our retired and uninsured patient base, which has been consistently growing over the years. Patients 65+ and older are not receiving the same benefits that they used to, and we’ve found that Medicare doesn’t look out for their best interest. After some research on my own from the Bento/ADA website and asked a friend who was already using Bento, I realized that there is no risk to sign up and explore. The easiest part has been creating multiple plans that cater to all our patient’s needs. Once we walked through the first plan set up with a Bento consultant, it was easy to educate my staff on how to create more and enroll patients at the front desk.
Dr. Sheila Brown

Dr. Sheila Brown | Chicago, IL

“Bento was built for offices who just don’t have enough time”

Dr. Edy Guerra | Miami, FL

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Bento and Philips now enable practices to bundle services directly with

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