Simple + Modern TPA Administration

Simple + Modern TPA Administration

Increase your profitability and market size with a dental plan powered by Bento. Provide your clients with a nationwide network, pre-negotiated rates, custom plan designs, and a simple enrollment.

Modern Third Party Administrator Software Solutions

Claims Review + Payment Processing

Let Bento do the work! Our advanced platform performs administrative claim reviews and takes care of all dental payments in real-time. No need to write and send checks or deal with claims.

Nationwide Network

Forget leasing networks! Bento’s national network has over 360,000 dental access points and is growing every day. Members receive pre-negotiated rates at every Bento Dentist.

Expand + Modernize Your Product Offering

Bento can handle any plan design from traditional 100/80/50 plans to progressive cash plans. Our advanced platform can match or improve any plan design with ease.

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Hands on Support from Enrollment to Appointment

The Bento Concierge team provides hands-on support to your clients and their members from enrollment to appointment and everything in-between and after.

Members also have 24/7 access to Bentopedia, our knowledge base to answer all of their dental questions.

Nationwide Network

Dental Access Points


Dental Access Points

The fastest growing nationwide network of dentists and specialists


Members save 37.8% on avg. when visiting Bento Dentists!

A superior benefit experience

Price Transparency

The Bento platform’s Price Check feature delivers price transparency so members know the exact cost of a procedure, empowering them to make informed choices and evaluate options for care.

No Surprise Bills, Ever

Bento’s AI-assisted platform and cloud-based instant adjudication let you know the cost of the service and what the plan covers right away. The patented Integrity Check feature protects members from billing errors.

Easy-to-use Modern App

Members can manage their entire dental benefit with the Bento Dental app, with direct payment method options for out-of-pocket services with an HSA/FSA/Credit card. You can easily enroll, locate Bento Dentists, review receipts, manage dependants, and much more.

Concierge Support

From enrollment to appointment, Bento is here for you. Dedicated Customer Success Managers and 24/7 access to how-to's, tools, and tips are available for every employer and member.

Your private health data and information is safe and secure

Bento will work with you to seamlessly integrate with your clients existing HR systems; including payroll, carriers, and other health and benefits programs.

All member information is end-to-end encrypted in Bento’s HIPAA compliant cloud. Bento is SOC-2 Type II certified and has real-time integrity check, so members are always protected against over-billing and surprise claims.

Power your TPA with Bento and improve your plan administration and offerings