Bento Is Transforming DSO Membership Plans With A Multi-Practice Specific Platform

DSOs no longer have to adjust to single practice tools that lack scale. Bento has developed and launched a product for managing and selling in-office membership plans to both individuals and employer groups across all 50 states.

Bento is driving change in the dental plan market. Endorsed by the ADA, Bento offers a solution that streamlines in-office plans and employer-sponsored group plans for dentists, patients, and employers alike.

Bento is excited to bring tools specific to multi-practice entities and DSOs. The Bento DSO interface is built to maximize new patient acquisition with Bento’s membership plan platform and scale DSO plan memberships to the next level. Want to see how Lane & Associates generated over $180,000 in 6 months? Download our DSO Case Study.

Bento is also adding key resources to better serve our multi-practice organizations. Recently Bento has added Ryan Chan to the team as Senior Director of DSO Sales. Ryan has extensive experience working with DSOs with a strong track record of delivering exceptional service “The DSO market was underserved with solutions built for single practice membership plans, Bento is disrupting this space by allowing DSOs to better manage their growth through membership plans where Bento’s platform can help drive employers, groups, unions, and associations to their DSO partners” said Ryan.

As DSOs continue to grow, managing growth and having the right tools in place will become crucial in a highly competitive landscape. Executives should be analyzing their offerings and solutions to maximize patient satisfaction and achieve growth targets. To learn more about Bento’s DSO solution, visit our DSO page.