Dental Insurance Hasn’t Aged Well

The Problem – Dental Insurance Isn’t Actually Insurance

The current dental benefits market is wildly inefficient. Insurance companies thrive as they raise premiums on employers each year, and dentists and their staff are forced to chase claims. Accidental errors in coding slow down the process and give insurance companies more reason to outright deny claims.

Middlemen create additional layers between patients and dentists that cost employers and dentists money, while contributing to rising costs and reducing the amount of money going directly to patient care.

The Solution – Bento

The Bento Platform represents a massive step forward for the dental benefits market. No other technology has considered every conceivable issue with the industry and then purpose-built a solution for it. Bento solves every issue from appointment to payment, by cutting out waste created by middlemen and connecting employers, their patients, and dentists directly. Gone are the days of delays in care, lengthy claims processes, prior authorization, objections to treatment planning, automatically denied claims, and more.

Bento’s interests are aligned with patients and dentists. We don’t hold money hostage the way insurance companies do, so we aren’t incentivized to deny claims or get in the way of patient care. We believe that dentists are the healthcare experts and should be able to give patients the care they need, when they need it.

The Bento Platform is clean, easy-to-use software that’s safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant. We can support any office – whether it’s a single family practice, a multi-practice group, or even a Dental Service Organization. Our employer benefit plans are designed to look exactly like what dentists are used to seeing and are representative of the entire industry. Our fee schedules are also designed to match every practice and patient demographic, and we offer specialist pricing to ensure dentists get exactly what they’re used to.

Our team of serial entrepreneurs took the time to look at the industry with a fresh set of eyes and build a product that serves the needs of dentists, employers, and patients. We handle everything from appointment to payment.