Florida Dental Association enters exclusive partnership with Bento

Author – Katie Adams

July 1, 2020

The Florida Dental Association on June 30 endorsed Bento, a Boston-based cloud-based dental benefits technology company.

The platform eliminates the need to contract with a traditional dental insurance company and allows dentists and patients to collaboratively decide what procedures are necessary. It also supports group discount plans and encourages practices to offer their own in-office plans.

The Florida Dental Association plans to help institute Bento’s platform for its more than 8,100 member dentists.

“Bento’s pay-as-you-go model is incredibly exciting because it makes oral care accessible to employers across Florida and large communities of uninsured individuals and families,” Florida Dental Association President Andy Brown, DDS, said in a news release.

The partnership comes after the American Dental Association’s June 15 endorsement of Bento.


Katie Adam is a writer at Becker’s Healthcare

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