How To Offer Your Own In-Office Dental Membership Plans

Are you interested in offering in-office dental membership plans to your patients and building a recurring revenue stream for your clinic? This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to build, market, sell and earn revenue from in-house dental membership plans customized to meet your patients’ needs.

First, you will need to evaluate and select dental membership plan software that enables you to easily build, manage and sell your membership plans. These are some of the top market players to choose from: Bento, Kleer, Pearly, and BoomCloud, among a few others. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind: cost, ease of use, and customer support.

Bento, the only solution endorsed by the ADA, is the end-to-end platform that allows dentists to customize dental membership plans based on your patients’ needs, for free. Powerful yet simple to use, Bento’s streamlined administration system and hands-on marketing support enables you to start earning revenue from your dental membership plans in a short period of time. The bonus: Bento’s award-winning app delivers a superior member experience by providing appointment reminders, easy mobile payments, as well as enable them to purchase and access plan details in the palm of their hand.

Second, you will need to start thinking about the plans that best fit your market and satisfy your patients’ needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help build the most effective plans.

  1. What are the most common treatments that patients request at your office?
  2. Which specialized treatments would you like to encourage your patients to receive?
  3. What treatments do dental insurance companies not cover adequately?

You can combine these services to offer plans that benefit your practice and your patients. With Bento, you can utilize the most popular plan templates built based on the top-selling plans of other dental offices, or easily customize the structure and services you wish to provide. The entire creation process is easy and straightforward and will take less than ten minutes to launch a plan.

In-office membership plan templates - Bento
Customize in-office dental membership plans - Bento

Follow the steps below to launch your first plan with Bento:

  1. Register for a free account: https://dentists.bento.net/#/sign-up
  2. Log in to your Bento account
  3. From the dashboard, click on “Membership Plans” and then “Create Plan”
Bento Membership Plan Portal

4. Simply select a plan template and customize or build your own from scratch

Dental Membership Plan Software Interface - Bento

Third, once you have your plans ready, it’s time to sell them to your patients! Marketing can be challenging when it comes to strategy and cost. We recommend starting by promoting your plan to existing patients and encouraging them to refer their friends and families. Local small businesses may also be a large potential market for you, as many small businesses do not offer dental benefits due to cost and limitations. You can reach out to local business owners and share the benefits of your dental membership plans that can be customized to their budget and requirements. This will allow small business owners to provide dental benefits to their employees without the cost and restrictions of traditional insurance, and it will provide your office with a steady stream of new patients. 

When you utilize Bento’s platform to create and manage your in-office dental membership plans, you will also receive free access to the marketing kit built for dental offices. Bento’s marketing kit offers a wide selection of promotional materials from brochures, flyers, post cards to digital ads and emails. You can easily customize your logo and plan details by exploring various design choices.

Bento Dental Membership Plan Marketing Kit

Patients can easily locate your plans on the Bento app by searching for your practice code, which comes with your free Bento account. They can purchase the plans and pay your office directly from the app. Bento’s platform creates a seamless user experience for both dental offices and patients.

Purchase A Dental Membership Plan - Bento App
Dental Membership Plan Details - Bento App

Learn more about how Bento can help you offer dental membership plans with ease. Schedule a demo or Build your first plan today!