Everything you need to know about your Bento Individual + Family Access Plan

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Download the App

To become a Bento member download the Bento Dental app on your mobile device

Download the App

To become a Bento member download the Bento Dental app on your mobile device

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Click “Sign Up”

Enter your email and create a password

Add your personal information and payment information

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Know Before You Go

Price Check has revolutionized your ability to see the cost of care in your area. Search any zip code in America to see how much common procedures cost with and without your Bento membership.

Want even more detail?

Contact a Bento Dentist to get an estimate for the exact procedures using Bento! No waiting for insurance companies or pre-approvals. See the cost of care and make decisions that fit your budget and needs.

Find a Dentist

336,000+ Bento Dental Access Points

Find or a dentist or specialist in the app. Search by name, zip code or specialty. You can also refer out-of-network dentists to the Bento network specialists directly in the app.

Bento partners with DenteMax to provide increased options for dentists across the country.

Bento individual and family plan member - find a dentist

How do I pay my dentist?

Your payment is processed directly through the Bento Dental app to your card method on file.  


After your appointment. The dentist will add the details of your appointment into the Bento Dentist Portal.


Review the receipt from your appointment. Check that services were performed and rate your experience!


Payment is processed directly from the Bento Dental app

A small service fee is included for all performed services

Bento is the nation’s fastest growing dental network. While our network team is constantly recruiting and training new dental practices, many dentists are still learning about Bento. If your dentist is not familiar with Bento please share your plan documents with them or contact Bento support. We will work with your dentist to make sure your next appointment is seamless and easy.

Upcoming appointment? Let us know!

A Bento Customer Success Representative will be happy to contact the dental office prior to the appointment to confirm your appointment details, plan information, and how payment is processed with Bento.

Answers to questions when you need them

Bentopedia is a one-of-a-kind knowledge base and resource for all things dental. Learn about common procedures, look up billing codes to understand your bill and see tips from dentists.

View how to’s and frequently asked questions to get answers to all of your questions.

Need additional help? Bento’s world-class customer success teams are always here to help.

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