Bento Brings Price Transparency to the Dental Industry with Price Check

Price Check Makes it Simple for Patients to Make Informed Decisions by Understanding Cost Up Front

Bento launched its next-generation app to bring accessible, affordable and transparent oral care to every American. Bento now offers transparency into the costs of common dental procedures and provides an even more streamlined experience for members to manage their oral care with more than 272,000 access points nationwide. With the introduction of Bento’s new Price Check feature, anyone can easily see in-network prices for common dental procedures nationwide based on their zip code.

“Price transparency in healthcare is a critical issue for every American. With the next generation of our app, including Price Check, we are giving our members easy-to-use features, enabled by our powerful patented technology,” said Saty Mahajan, co-founder and CTO of Bento.

Bento is on a mission to improve patient outcomes by providing lifetime access to affordable, high quality oral healthcare. Through early testing of the Price Check feature, Bento has already enabled life changing access to oral care for members who couldn’t afford dental insurance or didn’t understand what they could afford due to the fear of surprise billing after receiving care.

“I hadn’t seen a dentist in decades due to a fear about what it would cost and because Medicare doesn’t cover dental,” said 82-year old Paula Robb Rettig from Miami Springs, Florida. “The cost of private insurance was more expensive compared to the benefits I’d get in return. Bento removed all of those fears and made it possible for me to visit the dentist again. It was amazing.”

Bento’s pay-as-you-go model enables individuals, families, and organizations of any size to pay for services directly without the need to contract with an insurance company. It also gives everyone access to clear, transparent and in-network negotiated pricing. Price Check is just the latest feature Bento offers in its modern alternative to dental insurance that improves the accessibility and transparency of oral care.

“Price transparency is the best way to make oral care more affordable and accessible,” said Ram Sudireddy, co-founder and CEO of Bento. “People often walk into their dental office without any idea of how much common dental procedures cost, which prevents them from making informed, cost-conscious decisions. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, so we believe that educating Americans on the true cost of oral care will empower them to get the care they need, within their budget.”