Philips Announces Partnership with Bento

Philips and Bento will partner up to package products directly into dental benefit plans for patients.

September 1, 2021 – Health technology company Philips has announced its partnership with dental insurance platform Bento. This partnership was designed to allow practices to bundle the oral care products that Philips is known such as the Sonicare toothbrushes and Zoom! Teeth Whitening into dental benefit plans, according to a press release from Philips.

Senior Vice President of Philips Oral Healthcare Michael-John Keune said in the press release that the purpose is accessibility.

“The opportunity to package our products directly with dental membership plans offered by dentists and benefit plans provided by employers will make overall oral health care more accessible for everyone,” Keune said in the press release.

Membership plans bundled with Philips products can offer uninsured patients an alternative, allowing them to directly purchase plans from the dentists. These plans can be customized based on a patient’s needs, including the ability to be affordable for uninsured patients ranging from seniors to low-income families. Packages can cover oral care and cosmetic procedures, depending on cost and patient need.

Bento can also allow practices to offer dental benefits for employees without going through an insurance company. The partnership with Philips can provide a wider variety of oral care products, making Bento’s plans and packages a potentially appealing option for patients and practices everywhere. The ultimate goal is to make care accessible and affordable.