The Roundup

All the Bento News from 11.4.19 to 11.8.19

Benefits Pro: Benefits Industry Product Roundup by C.J. Marwitz

“Bento launched its next-gen app with a new Price Check feature, which shows in-network prices for common dental procedures nationwide based on their zip code. Bento’s pay-as-you-go model enables individuals, families, and organizations of any size to pay for services directly without the need to contract with an insurance company.”

Dental Products Report: Bento app bringing price transparency to the dental industry with Price Check

“Price Check designed to make it simple for patients to make informed decisions about oral care by understand costs up front” Read the entire article here.

Becker’s Dental + DSO Review: Bento app has price check for dental services by Gabrielle Masson

Press Release: Bento Brings Price Transparency to the Dental Industry with Price Check


On Nov. 6 Bento was named the 2019 winner of Transformation in Healthcare by Mass TLC and also won Platinum for Best Mobile Native App 2019 by eHeatlthcare Leadership Awards.