Tennessee Dental Association Enables the Future of Dental with an Exclusive Endorsement of Bento

Dec. 15, 2020  — Bento, a modern alternative to traditional dental insurance, announced that it has received an exclusive endorsement from the Tennessee Dental Association. The TDA will introduce Bento’s innovative platform to its eight local component dental societies and over – 2,500 member dentists.

“We are excited to partner with Bento to give members across the state the flexibility to offer individual and group in-office dental plans,” said TDA President Dr. Jeannie Beauchamp. “Bento’s platform not only enables practices to become more efficient by reducing administrative costs, but also makes care accessible to uninsured individuals and families. We see it as a win-win for dentists and patients.”

The TDA will assist Bento in promoting and coordinating of activities across the organization’s component societies. Bento’s unique business model and HIPAA-compliant platform solves many of the dental community’s issues by replacing the need for employer groups, associations and individuals to contract with a traditional insurance company.

Dental practices that build subscription-based membership plans with Bento have even more opportunities to attract new patients and retain existing patients who may have lost benefits throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The patient experience is further enhanced with the award-winning Bento Dental app enabling patients to purchase membership plans, pay for services, receive real-time estimates, and access their dental history.

“Working on a local level with a strong dental community like Tennessee is how we continue to bring meaningful change to this industry,” said Ram Sudireddy, Founder and CEO of Bento. “Dentists continue to look for ways to be less dependent on traditional insurance but can’t afford the hassle and time to take their practice in that direction. Our technology will take them one step closer to offering the care their patients are looking for without having to reinvent the process.”

About Bento

Bento is on a mission to provide access to affordable oral care for all Americans. Bento has been endorsed by the American Dental Association and multiple state dental associations across the US. Employers, groups, associations, dental practices, and individuals can now provide and receive access to premium, affordable oral care in a national network with Bento. Learn more about at bento.net.

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Bento, VP Marketing
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